Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Amazing Daughters

This blog will only play a minor role in the legacy I hope to pass down to you.  My prayer for you is that you continue to grow to be wise, victorious, God-fearing, lovely ladies.  You are such blessings to me.  Before I knew the Lord, I didn't have much hope or purpose nor did I know what it meant to be a godly woman... and I am still learning.  Before God brought you into my life, I didn't know what a great calling I had as a woman, a wife, and mother.  With you came joy unspeakable and a heart forever changed and so full of love for the gift of life I had been entrusted with.  What a mighty thought- that God entrusts us with his precious creation.  What great responsibility we have, and great opportunity.  I embrace it just as I embraced you as tiny, vulnerable, beautiful babies.  I praise the Lord that He is there to help me and guide me every step of the way as I take on such a wonderful and rewarding challenge everyday.  I love you.